Packaging a custom Joomla configuration

I searched for “custom script install”, and didn’t find…

Anyone have a how to on packaging a custom Joomla configuration for Install Scripts?

Would there be a way, then to re-assign it back to the standard Joomla for maintenance purposes, i.e. updates?



You may want to take a peek at the Script Installer documentation:,script_installers/

To package a Joomla-based script – you’d probably want to grab that one that ships with Virtualmin, make your modifications, then store it here:


That’s where local scripts go, and wouldn’t be overwritten by Virtualmin updates.


Thanks, Eric.

It’s still seems daunting to the novice, at least to me.

It looks to me like the most critical thing is to actually do an install, make the modifications (like installing components, in the case of Joomla), and just re-zip the directory, so that the new fileset replaces the old one in steps 9.3 and 9.4

Except that there will be some configurations that need to be reversed out, like the database connection details.

And, in 9.1, creating the database, it will be necessary to replace the .sql, I imagine, with the new one.

I think that just a sentence or two in the docs answering these questions would go a long way to bridging the technical details into a recipe. I’ll post back when I get to this…


I see that there are variables for both a filename and a URL in the Installer file. I guess that either is sufficient?

And the package of the installer script itself…say a custom version of Joomla…just install the components then recursively re-zip the entire installation?

Thanks for any tips…