Package updates


after logging into VM, it tells me that there’s an update available:

Package updates All Virtualmin packages are up to date.
1 updates to system packages are available. Use the Virtualmin Package Updates module to install them selectively.

When checking the system packages at “Virtualmin Package Updates” though, there’s nothing to update.

This appeared some time ago while VM was running fine since months already. Not sure after which previous package updates this showed up though.

Any clue? Could it be related to a module not installed?

Best regards,


You may want to try performing the update from the command line to see if there really is one waiting… you can do that by running “yum update” on CentOS, or “apt-get upgrade” on Ubuntu and Debian.


Hi Eric,

yum update worked…libnl needed an update. Odd it didn’t show up in VM though.

Thanx for your help! :slight_smile: