Owner Limits ??

I have read post about “Mail Alias Forwarding”, i can’t setup global owner limits.
In Server Tamplates there is “Default domain owner limits”, whatever i put there and save it, after creating new domain, domain admin can not add new mail-accoiunt or new databases.
After setup in “Edit Owner Limits” for domain some setting, domain admin can add new mail account and databases.

Is there any way to allow domain admins manage their domain globaly, or must it be setup for every domain saparate?

I use Version 3.23.gpl.
I have second virtualmin installation Version 3.21.gpl and there is no "Default domain owner limits" in Server Templates, in this installation work creating new domains very well. New domain owners can create mailaccount and databases.

Thanks for any help!

Is there no solution, no advice?

Hey Wojtek,

Sorry for the slow reply.

Try upgrading to version 3.26, available from http://www.webmin.com/index8.html . I seem to recall this is a known bug that has been fixed. If it hasn’t been fixed it still sounds like a bug, and we ought to file a bug about it. Not much to be done about bugs except fix them. :wink:

Thank You for replay.

Best Regards.