OwnCloud on same Webmin/VirtualMin server

Hi All,

I hope this is in the right forum.

I am wanting to set up some sort of dropbox file storage on a server, that can be accessible to a few of my offices across the country.

I have been looking at OwnCloud.

Has anyone had any experience running this alongside WebMin/VirtualMin on the same Server?

Its not something I install through WebMin is it, I do this seperately?

Many thanks,


Hi, sure owncloud is fairly simple to install manually - same as wordpress, 5 minutes install and you done, however I would not suggest to use owncloud (there are some internal issues as creator and few leading co-developers left project it self for some moral questions alongside with other issues). When I was running last time (version 7) I could not get android app working properly and web interface was bit funny with me too.

For true sync I would recommend seafile (https://www.seafile.com/en/home/ this is cross platform) - or simple ssh solution if you on linux / unix office. If you still want web interface - pydio is great (pydio.com) as well.

Thanks unborn.

Which ever one I do go for, do I install it against a vmin virtual server as you would something like WordPress?

cs10 I think seafile is deb package, it would be great if you check your system repos - its maybe there already… pydio is php scrip which you would just install with databse …similar manner as wordpress.