Outlook, Thunder Bird fail automatic configuration with "End of script output before headers: autoconfig.cgi" in apache error log

Operating system: RHEL 8
OS version: 8.3
After enabling mail client auto configuration in Email Settings > Mail Client Configuration, manually visiting the xml file returns an error 500 page. Additionally, setting up an account in an email client results in the setup to fail. The only error in the error log is End of script output before headers: autoconfig.cgi. Attached are screenshots of the error log, 500 page, and email client error.


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@Jamie Jamie, what do you think would be the best solution for Apache on RHEL 8 with suexec pre-compiled to /var/www to run autoconfig.cgi script?

A (temporary) solution I have found is to create /var/www/cgi-bin/, create a directory for the domain owner, and move autoconfig.cgi to the directory. Having the script under /var/www/cgi-bin/domain/autoconfig.cgi and configuring apache to use /var/www/cgi-bin/domain/ instead of /home/domain/cgi-bin/ allows the script to run and thunderbird to automatically configure itself.

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Yes, apparently pointing to /var/www is necessary on CentOS 8, as we don’t provide custom Apache builds for it.

There’s no solution in Virtualmin currently, and no easy way to implement it, to run autoconfig.cgi without suexec support for executing files under /home

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