Outlook 2007 and Multiple @ Message ID


My emails are getting marked as spam because of 2 reports in X-Spam-Report

  • 1.2 MSGID_MULTIPLE_AT Message-ID contains multiple ‘@’ characters

I read that MSGID_MULTIPLE_AT is a known bug in Outlook 2007, but is there a fix for it?

How do I get rid of this TVD_SPACE_RATIO, I read that it occurs due to space to text ratio. My end users use arabic localization. Is there a way to curb these 2 errors?

Pointers and Suggestion are appreciated.



For time being I have add this entry in local.cf


I’m unsure whether this is a safe step or not. Doing this has suppressed MSGID_MULTIPLE_AT spam value to 0.1, hence total spam value even decreases.

Should I do the same thing for TVD_SPACE_RATIO ??



I’ve sometimes found myself needing to modify the default scores of the SpamAssassin rules according to my needs (or rather, the needs of my users).

I’m not sure I’d consider it unsafe, though as you say, it could potentially mean that spam that would normally trigger a particular rule may make it through.

Personally, I’d rather get a little extra spam, than have real mail falsely tagged as spam.

If I were in your shoes, I would probably do the same to TVD_SPACE_RATIO until I was sure that it wasn’t being incorrectly triggered.

Some thoughts as you move forward:

  • You may want to enable greylisting, if you haven’t already, to help combat any additional spam that could get through

  • If spam does get through, if you go into Usermin and tag it as spam, that “teaches” SpamAssassin by adding it to it’s bayesian database. At which point, it’s less likely to make it through in the future.

  • You may want to run sa-update from the command line on your server, to make sure you’re using the latest SpamAssassin rules that are available.


Thanks Eric for your reply.

The points you mentioned there I already completed it.

I will monitor my email for some more time if TVD_SPACE_RATIO is creating more problem i will change its value in local.cf.

Thanks for ya reply