outgoing, external email

i’m using a basic wordpress install to send a contact form to “me@domain.com”, where “domain.com” is created in virtualmin, but the email is hosted at google apps. i turned off email being hosted at that domain, and i stll am unable to receive emails being sent from the server, so i’m assuming it’s still trying to deliver locally.

You need to explain further what “unable to receive email” means exactly. E.g. what errors do you get in server and client, what’s in the mail.log at the moment of delivery attempt?

Well, I have a wordpress install, and it uses the php mail() function (wrapped) to send mail. I was thinking either (a) the server was trying to deliver mail locally or (b) php is unable to actually send mail.

i setup a vps on digitalocean to just test out virtualmin, and it was a clean fresh install. i put virtualmin up, and setup. so i am unsure if i failed to do something to get (1) php to send mail and (2) make sure mail to my domain goes to the MX records, not locally.


In theory, if you’ve disabled the Mail for Domain feature for that domain, it shouldn’t be trying to deliver it locally.

However, you can verify that by viewing the email logs. The email logs are located in /var/log/maillog, or /var/log/mail.log, depending on your distro. Also, any other errors pertaining to email delivery would be in there as well.