Outgoing email rate limit?

Dec 19 19:55:41 server postfix/smtp[30050]: IDXXXXXXXX: to=email@deliveryaddress.tld, relay=deliveryaddress.tld[]:25, delay=470, delays=469/0.1/0.28/0.79, dsn=4.0.0, status=deferred (host deliveryaddress.tld[] said: 451 mail rate limit exceeded – try again later (#4.3.2) (in reply to end of DATA command))

Basically I’m fine with the server delaying sending, but it needs to accept the messages into the queue.

Can this be done, or can I just remove the rate limit?

Assuming of course that the outgoing mail server is the issue here, as my client crashed after sending around 360 out of 500 emails in its queue. This is a perplexing number as I can’t see that anywhere in any configuration.


Well, you shouldn’t be seeing any rate limiting, unless it was setup to do so. But even if there were, it shouldn’t have caused the client to crash. That just sounds like a client bug :slight_smile:

The error you’re seeing in the logs – that appears as if the recipient server has some sort of rate limit setup… it could be your server that it’s rate limiting, or it could just be because that particular email account has been receiving too many messages.

And since it showed the message as being “deferred”, that means it will attempt sending that again later.