Hi all,
No update message appears on my virtualmin instance.
Usermin, webmin and virtualmin are not up to date.
Here’s a screenshot: https://files.vivancos.eu/IMG20190708_203700.jpg

Sorry for brevity and typos, I’m using a mobile device.


Hmm, what versions are you expecting to see there?

Those appear to be the newest versions available in the Virtualmin repo.

That said, we are planning to release updates to all of those versions here soon!


I guess all the modules come bundled and should be updated together with the virtualmin repo.

I’m waiting for the virtualmin new version like a breath of fresh air to use the php fpm version switching.

Thanks for your reply


Yup! Once the new Virtualmin version comes out, all the related features will be updated.

The exception is the Install Scripts, which are updated nightly.

There should be a new release soon!