Outdated versions with Centos8.5

OS type and version CentOS Linux 8.5.2111
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17
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Hi all,
I have set Centos8 at my server and i dont get updates anymore,
Is there a solution fo this?

It was end of life December of 2021. You need to upgrade it.


Yes, you ca download official install.sh script and run it with --setup flag to re-setup repositories and exit.

Afterwards, try running dnf upgrade on the command line and see how it goes.

It was end of life December of 2021. You need to upgrade it.

Agreed, as @ageroth you should never use OS that reached EOL. Besides, there are easy ways to convert it to Alma or Rocky.

I know man, it runs 2-3 years now.

I don’t understand what you’re asking?

Hi Ilia,
i have some websites at this server (accounts) will they run after the updates / convert to different O/S
or i have to backup em?

You certainly must have everything backed up before converting to Alma/Rocky. It doesn’t mean it will fail nessecerally but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Hi Ilia, why Alma or Rocky and not Ubuntu?

I’m sure that he’s simply assuming that since you were with CentOS you would stay with Rocky or Alma as they are of the same vein.

There’s nothing at all wrong with Ubuntu. In fact, I used the new 7.0 Beta installer on a fresh install of 22.04 server and it worked flawlessly.

I wouldn’t do that on a production server just yet though. I would wait for it to be out of beta just to be safe if you decide to go with Ubuntu.

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Hi Gomez, i was thinking for 20.04

Go for broke. It’s just fine. Been using it for over a year with zero issues.

Hi all,
I install Rocky Linux 8.6.
And now i dont have webmail, to my servers :stuck_out_tongue:
How can i set / install it?

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