osCommerce install script


we are having problem with some install script. We get this error msg:

Failed to install script : osCommerce appears to be already using the selected database (table products)[/code:1]

Of course this is not true, there is no db with the same name, and so it would be impossible to have a table conflict.

How can we fix this problem?

Thank you

Having the same problem here:

[code:1]Failed to install script : SugarCRM appears to be already using the selected database (table bugs)[/code:1]


This is a side-effect of the application not having a table prefix or suffix feature. Some applications need to have their own database (e.g. with no other applications sharing it). It’s often wise to give apps their own database, regardless. In some cases, you need them in the same db (some Joomla bridged applications need to share a database for authentication and synchronization purposes, for example), but if they aren’t going to be working together, give them their own db.

Giving the application its own db, shouldn’t be a task of virtualmin? It is correct that I should do it by hand?

Thank you

Don’t do it by hand! Of course it’s a task for Virtualmin.

I’m saying, allow your virtual servers to have more than one MySQL database, and Virtualmin will offer to create a new one when you use Install Scripts.