OS detection banner

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 2.021

I recently upgraded the OSes on a number of my machines. When I relogged into Webmin it didn’t show or indicate a new OS version available. I than went to Webmin config/operating system and enviroment. I clicked use detected OS since that showed the new OS version and I clicked save.
The dashboard now has the new OS correctly, but there’s a blue banner at the bottom indicating it detected a new OS and it just happens to be the old OS. How do I get rid of the banner?

Welcome jet438
Sounds like it might be a caching problem - did you Clear Cache after the update?

I had thought of that actually. I searched the internet but didn’t find anything related to clearing the cache within the program. Don’t know where, what file, or command to use on linux to do that.

Nevermind. it seems to have cleared itself.

Sorry about delay in responding: :face_with_thermometer:
Go to the Theme Configuration (the artist pallet symbol) on the Dashboard.
The Clear Cache button is at the bottom of the page.

There is another one: Go to the All installed packages are up to date on the Dashboard this will take you to the “Software Package Updates” page then click on Refresh Available Packages

Thanks! Even though the issue seems to have resolved itself it’s good to know where “clear cache” is located within webmin.

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