Oracle free tier

System hostname**| (|Operating system|Ubuntu Linux 20.04.5|
Webmin version**|2.001|Usermin version|1.860|
Virtualmin version**|7.3-1|Authentic theme version|20.01.1:5|
Time on system**|Wednesday, November 9, 2022 1:28 PM
Kernel and CPU Linux 5.15.0-1016-oracle on x86_64|
Real memory 1.43 GiB used / 4.8 GiB cached / 31.34 GiB total
AMD EPYC 7551 32-Core Processor, 8 cores

Hi, I have signed up for the Oracle free tier for life and I’m new to this compute setup. It all went very well until I tried to make a website
I configured the external DNS to the public i/p but when I create a server in Virtualmin it picks up the private i/p.

this is not right–> server/link.cgi**/**
This seems very strange, is there a setting in Webmin that will fix this
I search the Oracle forums for Virtualmin and got no results
many thanks

Domain name
Created on 11/09/2022 by roboman
Administration username crabline

Oracle blurb
Each instance receives a primary private IP object during launch. The Networking service uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to pass the object’s private IP address to the instance. This address does not change during the instance’s lifetime and cannot be removed from the instance. The private IP object is terminated when the instance is terminated.

I can connect to your VM via your link, it connects to a public IP x.x.x.196

Thank you for your reply Stefan, do you mean you can see the default website? that works but when I make a website it will not get a certificate and the site times out in a browser. I can preview the site in virtualmin ( so it maybe a firewall issue

Have you set yours DNS correctly as points to a different IP 38.x.x.201

Thanks, that sounds like the problem, I have recycled the instance so I will try again

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