Options -Indexes

I thought that ‘Options -Indexes’ was always a good idea, because it disables directory listing.

I was just installing vTiger, which says that if Apache has ‘AllowOverride None’, then you should put Options -Indexes in the httpd.conf

Is this reasonable?
Shouldn’t break anything?


Hrm, I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re asking above.

But I can offer that adding “Options -Indexes” can certainly be a good thing – and any security scanning software will raise a flag if it discovers a directory listing.

Having “AllowOverride None” means that your users can’t use .htaccess files – which otherwise allow users to “override” Apache settings.

As far as what’s reasonable – that all depends on what features you’re currently utilizing :slight_smile:

If your users are making use of .htaccess files, and you add in the “AllowOverride None”, that’ll break the htaccess files.

Does that by chance answer your question?