Operation not permitted: Failed to replace /etc/hosts with /etc/hosts.webmintmp.28408

what does this mean?

I cannot edit this file using google cloud ssh (as root) or in webmin when logged in as webmin admin.

In webmin>others>filemanager, its permissions are root:root 0644

in the past i have been easily able to edit this file. Have i made it immutable at some point? If so, how can I check this and also undo it?

Ah yes thats right i remember now, i made thus file immutable usimg chattr so that google cloud couldnt keep changing the server host record in it back to the stupid “added by google” one.

The reason i need to edit the file is so i can change the host ip address listed…i dont have the server static public ip address…only its internal static ip.

I believe i need public one in /etc/hosts ?