I’m just in the middle of setting up a server for Cloudmin and will be using OpenVZ virtualization initially. I’d go Xen, but I have some OpenVZ containers that I need to migrate. So when I was searching for the kernel to install, I came across “ovzkernel-xen”.

Now, my initial impression is that it’s either for running both OpenVZ and Xen on the same host node, or it allows OpenVZ to run inside Xen. Can you tell me what it is for and also what kernel Cloudmin is intended to be used for for OpenVZ?


I run the ovzkernel-xen kernel on one of my development systems, and it lets me run both Xen and OpenVZ guests on the same host system. It may also allow OpenVZ to be run inside Xen guests, but I haven’t tested that yet.

If you just want to run OpenVZ, you can use any kernel that supports it though…

Thanks Jamie, that helps a lot :slight_smile: