OpenVZ and Virtualmin and Disk quotas

Virtualmin set the disk quotas for all Virtual Servers to 1GB. Later I changed the quota for one domain to 5GB. So far so good. But I noticed that the disk quotas are reset to 1GB after a reboot of the main node. Any idea why? I researched a bit and learned that some OpenVZ setups don’t allow to change the disk quota, but this probably doesn’t apply, because Virtualmin was able to the quota to 1GB, right? The only issue I have that my changes do not stick.

Do you have quota enabled for your container?

What are you using to manage OpenVZ?


Yes, quota are enabled and enforced. And they work, but “sometimes” they are reset. I don’t manage the main node, I just have a VPS on it (Solus VM).

I noticed this after two reboots, because my admin account received an email “quota exceeded for user aaaa, 3gb, but only 1gb allowed”. VM still shows 5GB limit, in Webmin of course shows the 1gb limit. When I change it back with Webmin then everything is ok again.

I realize this might not be a Virtualmin problem at all, it is probably an openvz problem. But I hoped there would be other virtualmin users with the same problem :slight_smile:

Make sure you have the latest version of OpenVZ, I have 6 Virtualmin machines running on CentOS 5, and they work great. Proxmox runs on top of Debian, but the core OpenVZ components are pretty much similar.

There is a setting in OpenVZ to restrict the number of user-quota entries, the default for Proxmox is 500, but your host may have it set to something smaller.

This could be the case, will check with them. Thanks for the help!