Open Vmin > SSL Certificate after Preview Website Prevent Lets Encrypt Request

OS type and version AlmaLinux Linux 8.6
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1

Opening Virtualmin > Server Configuration > SSL Certificate > Lets Encrypt > Request Certificate
Will open 404 page of website previewed.
The URL become https://myvirtualmindomain.tld/virtual-server/link.cgi/my.ip.address/https://domain.tld/?xnavigation=1
It can be prevented by opening other menus like file manager, DNS Records, etc, then open SSL Certificate page.

It used to be unusable after preview website, I have to refresh virtualmin tab in order to open other menus, so I thought it is a fix, but SSL Certificate page is forgotten.

*update: it appears all ajax buttons (like request LE cert, open raw DNS records) that pressed after moving 1 page after pressing Preview Website is not working. I have to navigate multiple pages in the same tab before pressing that button

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