Open virtualmin issues on site for public access and search engines indexing

As I see, now issues on page can view only authorized user. And all issues are not indexed by search engines.

So, if I expiring some issue and before posting try to search via google or other se, I can’t find already reported issues. So, I create the new issue and maybe duplicate already solved.

Can you open issues for public access? If not, why?

Security issues can be reported with “Make this post private” option.

Some (but not all) issues are marked as private. Everyone should be able to see issues that aren’t marked as private. Though, you do need to be logged into the site.

When submitting issues, some folks forget to mark requests as private when they contain license keys, passwords, domain names, and all sorts of other private information.

We try to mark them private ourselves later on, but if Google were to index them, someone’s private information might be out there for everyone to see before we’re able to correct that.

For that reason – only authenticated Virtualmin users are able to see issues in the issue tracker.

However, if you perform a search here on the site, the search does include issues – so you could use the site’s search function to find what was already submitted.

-Eric - this issue created by me and I don’t mark it as private and don’t do additional changes for restrict access to it.
But if I logout, I don’t have access to this page, so google can’t index it too.
I think that issues must have free access by default, and user can restrict access if it want via private checkbox.
And if you will see the private info in bug, you can set private checkbox manually to this bug.
But most of issues don’t have private info and will very useful for other people, that try to solve problems via google instead of registering in site and reporting the issue.

That’s correct, you do have to be logged into the Virtualmin site to see them. That’s intentional :slight_smile: Any user with a account can see it, but the general public cannot.

Too many folks put personal information into issues and forget to mark them as private.

If you’d like to search the support tracker, it just means that you have to log into the Virtualmin site, and do the search here.