Open Source Zimbra Mail Server in virtualmin/webmin Possible

it is possible to use and install Open Source Zimbra Mail Server in vertualmin/webmin?

“Install in Virtualmin” doesn’t really make sense. Virtualmin is a management tool…it’s not the operating system. You install apps and services on your operating system, and maybe Virtualmin can manage them if there are modules for them. Zimbra is also (mostly) a management tool, and one that almost certainly conflicts with Virtualmin when it comes to mail processing.

If you need Zimbra, I’d recommend you install Zimbra on another system or VM, and configure Virtualmin to point the MX records to that other system. There is no integration that I’m aware of, so there is not point trying to make two completely different mail systems that expect to control the whole system operate on the same system (Virtualmin has a mail stack, including webmail, mail filters, forwarding and auto-responders, spam/AV processing, per-user and per-domain configuration, mailbox management, etc.).

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