Only one site diplayed in Virtualmin Dashboard

Hi All,

Need your help… I just find only one site displayed in my dashboard. How can to get all displayed back? I have browsed all sites and find them running well.

Thanks fro your kind help.

Can someone help me…??? Now, my all sites down… Virtualmin dashboard not display like usually… I just find one server only at there…

All sites still can accessed from filezilla…

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I’ve never heard of domains disappearing from Virtualmin before, unless they’ve been removed.

When looking with Filezilla, you’re saying that all the files are there?

What about when you look in $HOME/logs/error_log, what errors are being reported there?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the respond… :slight_smile:

Sorry, I mean the server… I don’t find any server list in the right box, only one server.

Here is my log in my Virtualmin:

LOGS and Reports
You are not allowed to view this extra log

For $HOME/logs/error_log, may I know how can I find it? In my file manager right?
In file manager, I can reach one directory from one server only.

It’s happened after I clone a server and create a user. After I created this new server, my dashboard can’t display the others.

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Hi Eric,

After I read some cases from Google, I think that I got this problem caused I use my old name server in a new server. I just rename old server.

Currently I have deleted my new server, but I can have same blank dashboard without a list of servers. There is a text says “You do not have access to any servers”

I have checked with command: virtualmin list-domains, all domains still there.

I tried manually modify /etc/webmin/webmin.acl and set the root user to have access to all modules, but still failed, get the message: Permission Denied.

Hopefully you can help me… :slight_smile:

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SOLVED: I just create a new Webmin User with a grant access… and delete APACHE server for the old domain… :slight_smile:

Thanks Erick for your kind help… Hopefully I can upgrade to Pro version in few months.

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