Only one backup on backup server

I’ve got ‘never delete backups’ checked, but there is only one backup per account on my backup server - can anyone spot what I have done wrong?

Please see attached screen for settings:

Just noticed the attachment isn’t showing (it shows when I click edit > preview) anyway here it is uploaded to tiny pic:

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Are you receiving any errors while performing your backup? An error could stop the backups from running.

Also, what backup destination are you using (ie, what is the specified backup path)? The “File on server” is grayed out above, however, that may end up being the key to the issue you’re having.


Hi Eric,

There are no errors as far as I can see, and the backups seem to be current (i.e. yesterdays).

The destination path is set to:


(I have more scheduled backups for other sites, with mysite1 replaced with mysite2, mysite3, etc)

Ah, I think that path may be the problem.

Virtualmin puts all your backups into that same path. In your case, each backup would overwrite the previous.

If you want it to store multiple backups, you would need to tell it to create new directories for new backups.

For that, you may want to look at the srftime substitution described on the backup screen.

An example of that would be to use a path such as this:


That would cause it to put your backups in a directory such as “/home/mydirectory/backups/mysite1/Friday”.


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Awesome, thanks Eric :slight_smile: