Online resizing of ext4 volumes

The new CentOS 7 images run on an ext4 filesystem.

We’re using LVM as our back-end storage which supports online resizing LVs and then running resize2fs inside the running guest to resize a mounted volume (including /)

If we do this manually using lvresize on the host and resize2fs in the guest we can resize a running CentOS 7 guest. If we use Cloudmin it insists on shutting down the VM to perform the resize.

So my feature request is: please update Cloudmin to support online resizing of ext4 volumes!



Hmm, I didn’t know that could be done online with ext4 and LVM… that’s a good feature :slight_smile:

That definitely sounds like something that should be added into Cloudmin.

Is there any chance you could open a Feature Request, using the “Support” link above? Jamie may have some questions for you on how that works, and he’ll be able to work with you if you open a request there.