OneDrive --> CentOs

Found various guides online on how to sync onedrive, some with mount options whilst others will sync/mirror and update changes. A guide for CentOs 7 or onedrive client - both appear promising.

Using CentOs 8, I am wondering if anyone been syncing multiple onedrive accounts or as a webmin module at all? I would like individual or at least domain owners in Virtualmin to sync not mount onedrive.

I don’t know about Webmin modules to do it, but rclone can sync between… well, pretty much anything. I don’t believe it has any GUI at all, much less a Webmin module. It does, however, work. And it’s free.

I also use a paid program called GoodSync on my office computers to sync between local backups of backups, and to backup the local backups of backups to Backblaze as remote backups. It works pretty flawlessly on Windows, but I haven’t tried it on Linux.


Thanks for feedback. Not used rclone but will check. Need to sync to a NAS box too. I tried backblaze configured via virtualmin as backup service but couldn’t get it to work. Must be my error

I use rclone as a “Command to run after backup” in Virtualmin to sync the /backup directory to Backblaze. There was no official Backblaze support in Virtualmin, nor any S3 support in Backblaze, when I started doing that, making rclone the only real option for Virtualmin > Backblaze at the time.

The command I use is

rclone sync -v /backup backblaze:bucket-name --transfers 8

where “backblaze” is the connection name configured in rclone, and “bucket name” the Backblaze bucket name.

It’s worked flawlessly, so I never changed it when official Backblaze support was introduced in Virtualmin, and S3 support introduced in Backblaze. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and all that.

One of the nice things is that Vrtualmin doesn’t send me the “backup complete” email until both the local and remote backups are completed, and the time reflects the total time for both. With the -v (verbose) option, the full rclone log is also appended to the email.

--transfers 8 is just what works best for me in terms of disk I/O and network overhead. Full backups (about 20GB – this is a lightly-loaded server) take about five or six minutes to transfer, and incrementals usually take less than a minute, with no human-noticeable effect on page loads and the like.

rclone is very versatile and reliable. I’ve used it in so many different ways on Linux and Windows machines that I can’t think of a destination that it won’t work with off the top of my head. It a good little script to get to know.


Great, will try out the command. Where do you put the credentials/key/ID to backblaze?

You run rclone config after installation. You can find an example for B2 here.

After that, you declare the operation (copy, sync, etc), call it using whatever name you gave the connection (for example, “backblaze”), and specify the bucket. The rest of the flags and parameters are optional.


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