One phpMyadmin to rule them all

I used to have a single phpMyAdmin installation that would let me manage all databases on the system when I logged in, but now it does not allow that.

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but no change. I’m not sure when I lost this capability.

I install under an existing domain that I own, and then run it from there. No one else uses it on my server. There are about 20+ domains running.

Operating system CentOS Linux 5.3 Perl version 5.008008
Apache version 2.2.3 PHP version 4.4.8, 5.1.6
MySQL version 5.0.7

(Sorry about the LOTR allusion)

I searched and found discussions about how to give each user a targeted access, but I want the “opposite”, access to all databases from a single user account.


Well, phpMyAdmin simply does whatever MySQL is configured to do.

That is, if MySQL thinks user “foo” has access to all databases, than phpMyAdmin will display all the databases whenever “foo” logs in.

If “foo” only has access to one database, phpMyAdmin only shows that one database.

So the key would be to make sure you’re logging in as the appropriate user with the permissions you require.

By default, “root” is the only user with access to all databases – you’d otherwise need to grant such access.


I used to be able to log in as “root”, but now it says that “root” is not allowed.

Deleting the entire installation and reinstalling, I selected “All databases” but that only seems to install for the database under the specific domain that I used.

It didn’t use to have this behavior. Perhaps a combination of different package upgrades has changed some “default” value.

So I would have to either create a global database user, or allow root as a log in? Any downside to using root? Right now it’s not allowing it (and I don’t actually know how to change that yet anyways).


The downside to allowing root is largely that if someone guesses your root database password, suddenly they have access to everything.

That, and an admin level account is considered to be “more dangerous” for typical usage – it’s easier to break things since you have access to everything :slight_smile: