One IP make Failed to save server template?

Hi all,

I’m new in forum and also new in Virtualmin. I just got my 1st VPS with one dedicated IPv4 IP address. I want to host my 20 WP blogs at there. After completed CREATE VIRTUAL SERVER, I get use my dedicated IPv4 IP address, 111.175.XX.XX.

  1. Is it possible to host 20 WP blogs use one IP only? If it is YES, please help me what must I do? I have tried to create in Server Template - BIND DNS - Additional manually configured nameserver, always failed and get message: Failed to save server template : Additional nameserver does not exist.

  2. If I can’t use 1IP, please give me an advice… :slight_smile:

I have googling and searched in YouTube, and don’t get a best solution. Thanks for your kin help.

Best regards and Happy New Year…

Hi. The problem with a single IP address for a DNS server, is that you tipically need more than one IP. If you only have one alocated IP address as described, then that leads to issues.
For one thing, you would need other DNS servers to help you, because you can’t use a single IP, not that I know of.
As for why you get stuf like not existing, that’s because you probably didn’t create what is called an NS record.
Also, before things like and can work, you need to have them set up with whomever you registered the domain name with (wich is called a domain registrar.)
I would like to talk with you via email if at all possible.
If you do email, please feel free to send me an email at:
And I’ll be happy to talk with you.
I’ll probably respond faster to email than the forums, to be honest.
Hope this helps.
Happy New Year to you as well!

Thanks for kind help, Khinton… If I use free DNS from GoDaddy, are there any disadvantages? Thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

Not that I can see, though should GoDaddy’s DNS servers ever have issues (and I don’t know if any server that is one hundred percent up all the time) then you might have issues. Perhaps I can help more? I’ve provided my email address for you to contact me off-forum if you want to get more direct assistance. You’re still using Virtualmin GPL, right? You could always try the free DNS options at your domain registrar and see how that works for you.