Old webmin/virtualmin in the repo of Virtualmin?

Operating system: CentOS 8
OS version: 8

I have a installation of VirtualMin on CentOS 8. The version of Webmin and Usermin are not up to date. I found out that Usermin is 1.812 and this is the latest version in the repo:

Is this the wrong repo, or why is there a old version? Problem is, that I have some problems with Usermin that are fixed in the latest version (available since January).


What are you comparing this version to? If you are looking at “webmin.com” and using that as a basis for determining that the version in the Virtualmin repo is not up-to-date, then here’s why.

Before “Webmin” or “Usermin” are released to the Virtualmin repo, they go through additional vetting to make sure they will work with the current version of Virtualmin.

This means while webmin.com may have newer versions available, they are not necessarily ready to be used with Virtualmin.

Hope this information helps, but if you require further assistance please provide some more information for us to base further responses on.

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Peter Knowles | TPN Solutions

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Peter is right, however at this particular time, we simply forgot to update Usermin for Virtualmin repo.

It was already reported today.

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I didn’t forget, Ilia told me not to update Webmin due to a bug, and I assumed that included Usermin, too. :wink:

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Joe, you’re right! Now I’m remembering.

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