OLD content out of project/issues could be handy as DOCU

HI 2020 readers.

Some content out of project/issues yes or no private / public.

COULD be very handy as kind of DOCU , sofar not updated in DOCS/WIKI’s

For all the history for (howto) solved parts and some troubleshooting / diagnose hints/tips out of that.
So the: LS / netstat / config commands you ask there to get more info’s and if solved howto.

AS a kind of quick draft somewhere before DOCS with those are ready.

So i mean somewhere here in forum a Categorie or subs, with some quick copy paste things and eventually links for those that makes sense and are nice to have , and when searching for those could safe support time for you guys.

Then even someone good in Grammar and spare time , could use that parts as base / starting point for some updated / extra Documentation.

Here you have a nicer search, and then all in one forum that is because why i 'm asking. :wink:

Also main important solved parts here … in there , if the idea as starting point for shifting those later to a database /docs for trouble shooting is one that makes sense to you.

( this is a kind of how i do my own docs , so quick rough drafts, then later in a sorted better overview docu) ( saved me time more then once) and could you or the ones helping out in forum save support time to.

UH JOE! :joy:

I felt like maybe we already had too many categories, as-is, so in order to add a new one, I wanted to kill one (me? :innocent:, ) and this was the one that nobody used.


BUT :wink:

@Jfro well I kindly proposed something about it… perhaps creating docs from solved issues could be done as well…preview is in small youtube link… and from today I am able to produce hd gifs so it will play directly in forums in future :slight_smile:

its here: Idea for newer documentation site