OK, it's killing me. How can I receive email notifications of replies to my posts, in the present forum ?

Well, everything is in the title :smiley:

I bookmarked my Virtualmin forums’ open threads to check them every two days (that one is a hot topic for me, for instance: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/40550 ), because at the present time, even though I believe I browsed every possible profile option, I don’t see where I can ask to receive an email notification when someone replies to me in a forum thread.

The only thing I found was how to get a summary of the new topics in a forum.

Sorry to have to ask, but, please, would you know where the option is hidden ?

Thank you dearly!


The Forum notifications are, shall we say, sub-par :slight_smile:

I’ll talk to Joe to see if see what we can do to get that improved.


Hello Eric, thanks for your answer!

I was extremely surprised, to be frank. I wouldn’t have believed there wouldn’t be such a feature, in 2016. I would have been ready to bet actual money it was simply hidden somewhere, haha.

Well, here’s to hoping a solution is found. This would be a significant improvement to the forums :slight_smile:

It seems this forum is a Drupal plug-in. What OliverF is probably looking for is an “unsubscribe to this thread” feature to squelch an individual discussion he does not want to follow. The forum only allows readers to unsubscribe to ALL discussions in all topics, heh. It might be a good idea to take a look at NodeBB or Discourse forum software. I would be using one of these platforms for my own purposes now if I had a route to migrate a decade’s worth of Yahoo Groups messages onto it. ")

« What OliverF is probably looking for is an “unsubscribe to this thread” feature to squelch an individual discussion he does not want to follow. The forum only allows readers to unsubscribe to ALL discussions in all topics, heh. »

Not all all, AustinTX.

I want to receive an email when either (1) someone writes a post in a thread that I started or (2) someone replies to a post that I wrote in someone else’s thread.

This way, I’d know I have to visit again because there have been interactions likely to interest, and concern, me.

Here’s the problem:

Drupal, the content management system in use here, doesn’t always remain upward compatible from release to release. This policy is documented: https://www.drupal.org/node/2613652.

After each major upgrade, Drupal-based websites break drastically (as we already observed right here). Then the website owner goes about fixing all the broken things. Some things (like email notifications in our case) won’t get fixed for a long time. By the time they do get fixed, the next major release of Drupal will be here. And the cycle of broken features repeats.

Woah, so it’s like that with Drupal ?
That makes drupal an environment only suited for professionals ready to hire developers frequently, or who have full-time developers ready to serve.

Anything relying on contributions is kinda, erm… Okay, I can’t find a term that isn’t rude and implying something sexual, to describe it.
I understand now that t’s discouraging addons :frowning:

I was wondered why no one reply to my threads perhaps some one did but I did not know about it uh-oh there is no way to see my comments or issues I wrote in forums - yay that is just fo-pa heh as I don’t even know where I was… I guess that just ruined whole forums purpose.

@ OliverF - yeah drupal suxs, that’s why less and less people and companies uses it and even paid developers try to avoid it.

Here’s something that could help you, click the big Account hyperlink, just on the left of Log Out, and from there on, click Track.

I check it twice a month, just in case, you can see, from there, if there are replies to your contents, it’s showing as “new” in a blue hyperlink.

@oliverf huh?

That “Track” thing is the only way you can see if there have been replies to you in the virtualmin forums. Not as good as an email notification, but better than nothing.
Since that was the topic on hand, I was mentioning it to you.

oh didnt see that… THANK YOU!

I’ve installed the comment notify module, which provides a checkbox at the end of every thread for “notify me when new comments are posted” allowing you to choose between all replies to the thread and only replies to your comment. This sucks in some ways, but does provided the functionality you want.

We’ll try out other subscription/notification options in the future, but this one is simple and does the job. Drupal and email just do not play well together, at all.