Official way to change PHP version on domain site

Hi all,

I have an domain running PHP 7.1 on FCGI mode. I want to upgrade to PHP version 7.4.
I have installed PHP 7.4 already (I have an multi PHP versions envirement).

Where is the official way to change PHP version on this domain on Virtualmin?

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Cristovao Oliveira

Go to the virtualmin panel -> system settings -> re-check configuration.
If it detects the new php version, then you installed it correctly.
After that you can select the virtual server you want to change and go to server configuration -> php versions.
There you can change the version per server.


You mean here correct?

I would like to understand what changes are made from virtualmin… On what files this action writes on.
I will test this later on (it is on production now).

Yes I meant that.
You can read that in the forum / website.

I recently changed my php version from webmin–> boot and shutdown and then search for
php-fcgi-yourdomain and then open this file you will find a script with path to php version used I change it from 5.4 to 7.4.
I hope it works for you

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