NS2 Gandi Offer

Hello again,

following slave dns docs - ie. https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/dns/slave-configuration -

It is required to install webmin on slave server.

As Gandi (where I own all my domains) offer their ns2 server for those who wants to manage their dns, which replicates the zone file from ns1, and I don’t have any access on their ns2 server to install webmin, does the use of their ns2 server can be done using virtualmin ?

Thanks for help.

To use your private name servers (ns1.domain.tld, ns2.domain.tld, ns3…) you must set them at domain registrar and only there. If for whatever reason your domain registrar do not allow to use more than one name server you cant change that and only option is to change current domain registrar with a better one.