I’m confused as to how to set up the two nameservers required to actually consider myself to be a nameserver. I have one name server set up as ubuntu-server.zapphost.com by default through virtualmin. I’d like to set up another ns entry and name them ns1.zapphost.com and ns2.zapphost.com respectively.

I went and did this…

That’s okay, it just means you need to go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> BIND DNS Domain, and set “Master DNS server hostname” to be the name for your primary nameserver, and you may want to set a second one in “Additional manually configured nameservers”.

i now have ns1 set up I guess? WHen I tried to do additional manually configured nameservers it gave an error about ns2 not existing.

You could need to go into Services -> DNS Domain for zapphost.com, and add an additional A record as well as NS record for ns2.zapphost.com.

Also, to be able to use ns1 and ns2 as nameservers, you also need to register them as official nameservers at your domain name registrar.

You’re using GoDaddy, so you’d log in there, and once your in the details for your zapphost.com, you’d setup two “host records” (I believe that’s what GoDaddy calls it) for those two domain names.

After you’ve done that, then you can begin using them as actual nameservers.


thanks eric I’ll try this when I get home and let you know if i have any problems.

So I set up my host records at godaddy, and set up the a record, and ns record on my server. I used 3ld.biz as a test subject to set nameservers to ns1.zapphost.com and ns2.zapphost.com and it doesn’t seem to be working :frowning:

zapphost.com seems to be working >.>
but 3ld.biz still isn’t

What I would try doing is going to a site such as intodns.com, and entering your domain names in there.

They’ll check out your DNS records, and give you a report of anything they think is awry.

When I looked up 3ld.biz, intodns.com mentioned that it appeared one of the nameservers wasn’t responding, so you may need to verify that both IP addresses for your nameservers are correct.


that website was just what i needed :slight_smile: ty