NS and DNS issues

Ok please excuse my ignorance if this has been asked before, i have searched the site but am unable to find the same issue,

I decided to add an additional nameserver to one of my domains for external redirection of domain names to the same place.

I have added the NS and A records to my virtualmin server via webmin Bind config

NS Record: NS1.domainname.com > domainname.com

A Record: NS1.domainname.com > Public IP address

when i try to dig the ns servers i get error
when i try to ping ns1.domainname.com i get error (not resolved)

when i use intodns i get no a records found for ns1.domainname.com

any help appreciated

it would be much easier to troubleshoot if you’d publish the actual domain name…

the nameservers at the parent (the registrar) are
then you use dyndns, although you have a static IP?

you can not just create NS1.st3v3.co.uk and expect it to work. Nameservers need to be registered at your registrar. If they have no such service in their control panel, you may want to open a ticket with them and have them do it manually.

alternatively you can use the dyndns module in webmin and see if that brings about the changes you need.
At the moment the nameservers at the registrar do not exist on your machine and will not work at all.

you can however find your website through steverowe1.homeip.net

Ok no problem (just trying to avoid spam and hacks) :slight_smile: I will remove domains and IP’s later

the domain name i regestered was
i got it through 1and1 and i set up their dns redirect to go to my dyndns account name. which points to my static IP. (), I would have just used the static ip on 1and1 but it does not support ip’s just names.

I then needed a second dns server for 1and1 so decided to use ns1.
I created the Nameserver NS1. > and the A record for NS1.

when i try to ping the ns1.it comes back with unknown host
if i use infodns it says there is no A record for ns1.but there is.

Any help appreciated.

bind config file


thanks ronald