Now accepting Bitcoin for purchases and donations

Howdy all,

We’re experimenting with accepting payments for orders and donations via Bitcoin. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anyone request Bitcoin payments at, but I’ve been tinkering with it again for fun, and thought I’d test the waters for payments here.

To make purchases via Bitcoin, send me ( an email with your username here at Virtualmin, and I’ll send you a custom address for your order payments.

To make a donation to our Open Source projects, you can use address 1H3wx1uo7u9xcopjHSmYM2LsPswF6d4EE

If we get a few orders via Bitcoin, we’ll add it as a standard payment type in the shop. It’s going to take a bit of code to make it work, so I’m holding off on investing time in it until I know there’s an interest.

And, we’re offering a 10% discount for Bitcoin orders. Yay!



I love Virtualmin, and Bitcoin… so sent you a little donation :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work.

Yay! Thanks! I think this is the first Bitcoin payment we’ve received (though I haven’t checked the Virtualmin wallet in a while). I love Bitcoin, too. I’m planning to add Bitcoin to the shopping cart once we get migrated to Drupal 7…maybe that’ll encourage more Bitcoin transactions.

I think its great, but the reason you don’t hear people asking about it is because people don’t bother to send an email to request a payment form. To much hassle. One of the advantages of accepting Bitcoins is automation, so if you are accepting them as fun, you would not see much activity either.

If you put this as payment option directly in the website, then I suspect more people will pay with it since its automated and they will see it as an option in their accounts.

This is extremely easy for any website operator and they don’t even have to hold the bitcoins if they don’t want. You can sign up with BitPay. They will handle all the bitcoins transactions for you and deposit you the bitcoins or real USD for each sale. And then its going to be automatic as well.

I have no idea how bitcoin works… I looked at it once before but with the big snafu this year with billions of coins being stolen it kiinda put me off to learn how to use it.

sgrayban - I’d suggest you have another look into it. The ‘big snafu’ was a problem with a company who ran a bitcoin exchange, not with the Bitcoin protocol. A lot of big companies are getting on board with it (Dell, Expedia etc) - It’s still very new of course but I have a feeling it’s going to revolutionise online payments.

tried to see if i could pay with bitcoin, ended up paying with CC.

This is great, thanks! I’m going to pay for an upgrade now with credit card (since I need to for bookkeeping reason as well as needing an instant upgrade for current work), but I hope to be able to start doing renews and other purchases with BTC.

Please consider that one more vote for adding BTC payments to the shopping cart, as I would have just used it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the continued good work guys.

Also, btw, you might look into something like for merchant integration, if you’re not already doing something like that. I wouldn’t mind sending payment directly, but Coinbase has some slick features if they’d help you get started easier.