Notification tab in Side Bar configuration

I am trying to figure out how to configure the information that is being presented in the Notifications on the Side Bar. Currently it displays when updates need to be installed and displays all the CSF blocks that are applied.
Since temporary blocks in CSF happen a lot I want to remove those from the notification list. In CSF I have disabled the emails that are sent out when these blocks occur but I can’t find where I can stop these from showing up in the Notification bar of Webmin/Virtualmin

Can anyone direct me to where I can control what is displayed in the notification list?


I think I remember adding any ability to disable those notifications but I will for the future release.

Meanwhile, you can go to Theme Configuration > Theme Extensions and add the following CSS code:

.right-side-tabs-notification[data-type="csf_deny"] {
    display: none

Thanks so much I will give it a try. I wasn’t even thinking it was in the Theme and forgot all about making changes to the CSS code.

I checked it out and it does hide the CSF notifications but it does not appear to disable the count of those items. Notification count must rely on a different mechanism (not just visible items in list)
I have not played around with CSS much so I don’t know many of its features.
Regarding data-type=“csf_deny” how do I figure out what these are so I can differentiate between a permanent deny vs a temporary deny? Can I hide items based on text displayed within the notification. My CSF notifications have unique text that I could use.
It would be nice to have a feature in the Theme interface to enter your own list of items to hide, maybe based on specific text rather than data type in case the data types are not known. This could prove a little more problematic if the text used was also in some notification you wanted to see but weren’t aware of. However, as in my case, I have unique identifiers that I could use.

Thanks again for your quick response and helpful information. I will continue to play around with this and see what I can figure out in the meantime.

I checked the page code and found the data-type csf_deny but am not sure how that is applied to CSF data. Does it include both temp and permanent denies?
I did notice that there is also an href reference that has this: href="/csf/index.cgi?action=temp"
I assume that temp refers to the type of CSF deny but am not sure.
I tested out the effect of using that instead of the data-type and it appears to work the same (hiding all the CSF notifications.) I don’t have any permanent denies happening so I can’t tell if it is actually working the way I expect (only hiding temporary denies.)

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