Nothing on domain

I updated virtualmin and system packages yesterday, made some changes on my websites as well then I checked all was working fine.But now when I want to visit my website nothing comes up, the server is up but I cant access virtualmin, I can access usermin from ip:20000 but for virtualmin comes nothing from ip:10000, how come :S .

Ok I thought if I cant reach it why not restart?Then this worked but I never thought I would come across this, I never stopped it, how come this happened?After restart I was able to access virtualmin again, but still mz websites didnt work then I saw bind was also not working so I started it too and then things were fine… but why did they stop working, what could have happened?

Hard to say just by guessing. :slight_smile: It’s possible the services weren’t restarted after the update. To evaluate this, you should check your logfiles for errors, especially /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages depending on distro.