Not working as smtp

OS type and version REQUIRED
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Can anyone help me out.

What help you need? What was the issue?

Not really as you have not left any system details or the context where the error occurs

I am tempted to ban you for this post. This is ridiculous.

Am so sorry. I mean no harm

Just provide more info/context/details, so we can help you… As a starting point:

  • Have you resp. your ISP opened port 25? If not, contact them and let them do so. Most ISPs block this port due to increasing spam traffic.
  • If your firewall’s active and port 25 isn’t blocked by your ISP, are the “usual suspects” filled in correctly? Namely, ports 587 (unencrypted SMTP) or 465 (encrypted SMTP).
  • Can you send e-mails from within your webmailer?
  • And last but not least: What are your server details? What OS do you operate? Version? What software? Virtualmin/Webmin installed?

Or start a new thread rather than confusing an existing thread which has a totally different topic

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I think i will have to start a new thread . Thanks so much

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