Not sending any message, port 25 and 587 are open

Few days ago downloaded virtual min SMTP server and added domain and SSL. My IP has 25 and 587 port opened. When I try to send the email, virtual min says that the message was sent, but the message is not being sent on my email. I have a setup DNS all type MX, A … Please help me to solve the problem and find the reason of the problem. Also, if you are willing to help, we can talk about the price and I can buy a working server from you.

Not sure what you mean by that. I’m not aware of a Virtualmin SMTP server. There’s Virtualmin that comes with Postfix and Dovecot that process email, but that’s all I’m aware of.

By “my IP”, are you serving this from your home?

Or do you have an online provider?

Because if you’re serving from home that may be the problem, especially if you’re dealing with a dynamic IP. Most times they will flag email from those IP’s as junk automatically.

The man that can fix email issues is @calport

Since I’ve tagged him maybe he’ll show up here and help you out.

Thank you @Gomez_Adams for your vote of confidence. You are too kind. you need to answer the questions that @Gomez_Adams has asked. Email deliverability is becoming increasingly more difficult as the measures against spam and spammers become stronger but Virtualmin has everything that a legit web hosting service provider needs to offer mail and web services to his clients.

If you are self-hosting then Virtualmin is good for that too. A VPS from a reputed service provider is what most of us here use. If you are using a home network instead of a VPS, then web hosting is possible and but mail will not work too well, if at all.

Since you say that your Virtualmin system is able to send mail, use to get your email analysed. Keep us informed about your progress and the community will try and assist.

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You need to review the email log (Postfix).
Send an email from an email client like Outlook and one minute after you send it got to Webmin, tools, shell command type: tail -200 /var/log/maillog (for CentOS/Rocky Linux/Alma). That would give you more information. To provide more help it would be needed to see & for postfix & the settings used in the email client to connect to your server.

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