Not reading css and no Create new virtual server link


Seems like my virtualmin is not reading the CSS files and is showing as attached. It’s also missing a Create New Virtual Server link.

Any help is appreciated. I’m on Centos 5.


How did you perform the installation, did you by chance use the script?

Also, I didn’t see an attachment, could you try attaching that again? Thanks!


I read on the forum somewhere that one of the repo didn’t include the theme package and that was probably when i installed Virtualmin. I just install updates which included the theme but it doesn’t seem to work.

Attached is the screenshot.

Thanks a lot!


It looks like you have a third party RPM repository enabled there… I’m not sure if that’s the cause of this particular problem, but that can cause other problems :slight_smile:

The theme should be in all the repositories, but whether that was installed would depend on how you performed your installation. When you performed your installation, did you use the script?

If you go into Webmin -> Change Language and Theme, what theme is it currently set to?


This must have been the stupidest mistake -_-" When I check the theme it was set to the old theme, once i change to the framed one, it works.

Thank you for pointing me to the right direction!


If, somewhere along the way, the theme had been removed from your system at some point, and then later reinstalled, that would have caused Virtualmin to switch to using a different theme.

Either way though, I’m glad it’s working now!