Not enough mysql connections

|Webmin version |2.001|
|Usermin version |1.860|
|Virtualmin version |7.3-1 Pro |

I have two sites that are saying not enough mysql connections
Is there a sql configuration file for each site that uses mysql or is there a central mysql database that is shared by all sites that need it


There’s only one database server; there may be multiple config files (in /etc/my.cnf.d), but it has nothing to do with the domains. Domains have no control over the database server config.

I went in using PhpMyAdmin and performed a mysql query for max_connections it was set to 151 I up’d it to 200 for both sites and am restarting them, hopefully that will take care of my problem

restart server and back at 151, is there a file somewhere that sets that value

Ok think I found it under Webmin/MySQL Server Configuration changed it there, I assume that changes it for ALL sites that use MySql

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