not creating virtual servers

Hello there,

I am having some trouble creating a virtual server. I am going to the Virtualmin site and then clicking on Add Virtual Server filling out all information which is and the server is which is where Virtualmin is. When I get done creating the Virtual server here is what I get back from Virtualmin:

Setting Up Virtual Server
Setting Up Virtual Server
In domain
Creating administration group pilotalk …
… done

Creating administration user pilotalk …
… done

Failed to create virtual server : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Thanks for any help.

Hmm, so you don’t actually see an actual error – nothing shows up after “Failed to create Virtual Server”?

Do you see any errors in the Webmin logs located in /var/webmin/miniserv.error?

Also, what if you go to System Settings -> Re-Check Config, does that show everything as being okay?



I did see an error that openpam a perl module was not installed so I went in to Webmin and installed the suggested perl modules. I found this in the miniserv.error log. Thanks for the nice catch I didn’t really know where too look for errors.