Not at all best pleased with the virtualmin --uninstall

I have seen quite a few posts which seem to have been scoffed at.
My experience is the --uninstall does NOT work corectly in a re-install:
Prompt for the domain or mysql logins/rights leading to a cascade of posts. NO IT DOESN’T.

No excuses. No. It really doesn’t. Ubuntu Xenial. No domain prompt and no MYSQL password prompt on install and so it fails later.

Admin posts of ‘you would have been prompted for the MySql Password… you should have remembered it from the install script’. No, It does not on a reinstall. Get over it and listen. And please fix these issues instead of trashing numerous users. Its probably quicker in the long term.

Do not even think of saying it should be from a virgin install. --uninstall should take care of it.

Smug answers will be ignored.

I think there’s a miscommunication about what --uninstall is for. It doesn’t turn a system back into a freshly installed OS, and it couldn’t.

We can probably help solve specific issues you’re having, if you explain them, and hopefully try being polite instead of demanding and hostile.

I’ve never had problems with install script. And I do like 10 installations per week. Not sure what you’re talking about.