Not an administrator, anymore?

I seem to have made a mistake…

I have been playing around with VirtualMin, trying to get it to do what I wanted. In doing so, I tried importing a server using my own name. I’m not using this system as a multi-user site, just creating virtual servers on my local box, so I wanted to start the first as myself.

However, in doing this, it seems that I’ve allowed Virtualmin to set my account as a server owner and that means I’m no longer a VirtualMin administrator, unless I miss my guess.

Is there any way to revers this problem?


The two best ways to be Virtualmin administrators are to either log in as the root user, or to have your username setup to have sudo access in the /etc/sudoers file.

If you add your username to the sudoers list, Virtualmin will then consider you as a Master Admin.


Thanks for the reply!

I was able to log in with another user’s creds, since that other user is also a member of the sudoers list. But is it possible to promote a user in Virtualmin to become a “master admin?”

The problem, again, is that I was a master admin, but when importing my site, the system seems to have downgraded my account to be a site administrator.