non ssl sites are suddenly redirecting to server default site.

I have a Virtualmin Hosting setup with Ubuntu 14.xx Server, latest virtualmin, apache2.

Everything was working perfectly the last year and all of a sudden all my sites are redirecting to the default site unless you go to the Secure Server Version of the site (https), than it comes up correctly. It won’t allow me to redirect on .htaccess files ( although it is using the .htaccess for other functions).

it just happened overnight and I am at a loss to find the issue, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

just wanted to add that I have already tried .htaccess redirect to SSL, tried setting the default server wide to SSL via Apache, tried setting a Rewrite Rule in the Virtual Server Setup, etc.

So redirecting is not working either. I am truly stumped, any ideas would be welcome.

Resolved by adding *:80 and *:443 to Virtualhost Files Address Line.

Posted solution in case others have similar issue.