non existing domains show up in logrotate


Warning: DocumentRoot [/home/] does not exist
Warning: DocumentRoot [/home/] does not exist

I can not find where this is coming from as these 2 domains do not exist anymore on my server.

How can i find and delete those entries?


Hey Ronald!

Yeah, in theory, those should have been removed when the Virtual Servers they were associated with were deleted.

I think those are going to be stored in /etc/logrotate.conf (they are on Ubuntu, anyhow).

Do you see a match when you type:

grep buyatmyplace /etc/logrotate.conf

You can just comment out (or delete) the 7 lines associated with each of those domains.

Do you recall if there were any sort of error while removing the Virtual Servers in question?

Unfortunately those 2 domains are not in /etc/logrotate.conf
also i can not remember any errors when deleting them.

any other ideas where logrotate may get this false information?

thank you

Hmm, well, this should find it:

find /etc/ | xargs grep buyatmyplace 2>/dev/null

err yup
found many entries in /etc/webmin/cluster-webmin/hosts and in files like http.ccc httpd.conf.old httpd.conf.d/1 to name a few :smiley:

on to deleting…

It’d be a bug that logrotate entries stuck around after removal, but it might be a bug that’s long gone (I’ve never seen it happen, so I’m guessing it’s gone).

I don’t think any of the httpd.conf.* stuff is the source of this. It is clearly logrotate that’s trying to do something here…so it’s going to be a cronjob that involves logrotate that’s the culprit, rather than Apache itself.