Nominet EPP system

It would be really great if Virtualmin could build in support for the new Nominet EPP system, are there any plans - would save me a load of coding effort?


This would be nice, however their may be a route to market with this
in that awbs which supposedly integrates with virtualmin also says that they will support the EPP system soon

It should be possible to support nominet in virtualmin’s domain registration module - it already works with the, gandi and registrar APIs. I’ll take a look next time I do some work on the registrar plugin…

I would like to know if this EPP support would be registrar dependant or comprehensive solution for all registrars who are using EPP. I’m especially interested in Maybe you have some developer documentation for writing such plugins?

If you are interested in working on this yourself, have a look at the files in the virtualmin-registrar directory under the Webmin root. To add a new registrar type, most of the work is in creating a new file

I know this thread has been quite for a while but i wanted to know if the current scripts for the registrars are based on epp. The reason I am asking is that I want to just copy one of the scripts and do a find and replace to make it work for the environment.

Joe can you let me know if this is the case or not?