no xinha?

Im using vm pro and when editing an html file with file manager I get a text file to edit rather than xinha which I was getting before, is there a setting I need to tweak? or has it been dropped? or what?

It seems the new Filemin manager that replaces the old deprecated Java one does not have a file code editor at all.

A WYSIWYG like TinyMCE would be welcome and also a code editor for HTML/PHP, and other common languages.

But to answer your question. No, there is none. You should probably add this as a feature request, as personally I also thing there should be at least a simple editor vs just giving users the option to download the file.

ok, thanks. I have no idea where to file a feature request, do you know? or anyone?


You can also click on the top Issues button, its actually not just issues, you can also submit a feature request.

yes, thanks, done.