"no space left on device", when i restore the backup

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Webmin version 2.105
Usermin version 2.005
Virtualmin version 7.9.0
Theme version 21.09.5

hello, im trying to move my website and im using backup and i have 184.23 GiB and an extra 953.43 GiB but webmib saying i dont have enough storage?, i at first when i try to move the backup which i solved (go to Webmin Configuration and Advanced Options then change Temporary files directory to where the 953.43 GiB was mounted) and it works but when i do the restore file i have more then 400GB to restore it says no space left on device 184.23 GiB is not enough…, while i still have 953.43 GiB??? how can i solve this? can i mount 184.23 GiB and 953.43 GiB to be toghter? so i dont get this issue!

Perhaps, all space was allocated to /home partition and not much was left for /tmp, i.e. /tmp/.webmin to create a temporary file? In that case you may consider changing Webmin temporary directory in Webmin ⇾ Webmin Configuration: Advanced Options page.

I’m sorry, I just noticed that you have already tried changing Webmin temporary directory. I’m not sure then why it may not work. Probably @Jamie could provide some insightful ideas?

For now, could you provide the output of the following command:

df -h

@Ilia thanks for ur repond, and 953.43 GiB is mounted to datastore
maybe i should mount it to /home? ;/

What backup are you using and how? What is the size of the backup file?

around 260GB when its compressed, and tar file, and s3 bucket…

You have located /home under / which only has 162G available space left, right? What do you expect?

thats the point idk where 162G is located!..u think its on /home? but when i do df -h it shows “/”

You don’t have /home mounted as a separate partition, so it’s all under / (except /boot), which is only 162G.

so /home has 162G right?
also can i ask another question, when i move the server will the websites be created as they was?!

Based on your df -h command output, it is.

It will, if you use Virtualmin backup and restore feature.

thank u so much, u helped a lot :slight_smile:

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