No space /boot How empty the old images

OS type and version ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version Latest

Got this warning
Warning! The 921.99 MiB filesystem mounted at /boot has no free disk space!

Looking in the folder there is a lot of old files.
How can I safely take away old ones

If you are on Contabo, then search the forums. This has been asked and answered before.

And in any case, not even remotely related to Virtualmin.
Check ‘uname -a’ to find out which kernel version you are currently running.
Then you can proceed by running ‘apt remove linux-image-(insert the older versions here)’.

Alternatively you can also run ‘apt autoremove’ but be careful to see what is actually going to be removed so that you don’t remove anything important by accident.

Well I really ask for webmin, as webmin make the updates. But sorry if I disturb someone with a irrelevant help request.

Den lör 11 juni 2022 09:32Tore Skevik via Virtualmin Community <> skrev:

It’s not completely irrelevant, but technically this would have been a case for ubuntu forums or the likes.
Webmin does not do any updates, your package manager does.
This is also where you should fix this, as I mentioned above.
Do let us know how things turn out :slight_smile:

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