No, really, help... Name server rejecting all requests...

Ehh… yesterday my name server NS1 looked fine… today it looks bad. NS2 looked bad all along.

They are both rejecting all requests.

It must be the setup on the machine because it’s writing this to the log files:
Mar 17 08:54:40 ns1 named[2108]: client query (cache) ‘’ denied

for EVERY request.

The setup is the same as I’ve seen it on working boxes as far as I can see. I don’t think it’s a firewall problem since it’s being written to the log as a rejection and because these machines are on two different networks entirely.



It could be a few things… you’ll probably need to post your BIND config file for us to assist.

If BIND is denying requests, it’s because of something setup in the BIND options.

Also, if you could post an example of a domain being hosted on your site, that’d be helpful, I’d like to run it through the “” site to see what their reports say.


You guys are unbelievably great at customer service. Uhh, can this post be made privately?

The names of the machines are ns1 and ns2 dot

When I check internic, the name server records show the correct IP. Unfortunately NOW ns1 is being routed to ns2. ns2 is routed to the right place.

There are websites created with those names as well

The named.conf files are attached.

Okay, marked private.

Now, looking at your config file – check out the zone file for in the first BIND config. It contains this line:

allow-query {;

That is, the config file is setup such that only one server on the Internet is allowed to query that domain – and that’s

I’m not sure why that’s in there, but that’s your problem :wink:


I removed it and restarted bind.

I will watch to see if that fixes the rejections… ns1 is now routing to the right place again… thank you… thank you, thank you…


It looks correct for me:

$ host has address

That is, your ns1 nameserver is showing up as the IP

You may want to verify in your zone file, on ns1 (/var/named/, and your slave zone file on ns2 (/var/named/, that the numbers are correct.

If so, there might just be something weird cached somewhere, and it should clear up within a day or two.


You’re correct, it’s resolving well so far.

Thank you very much.

For some reason, one of the sites can’t slave to the master server. I created the secondary as a master zone instead… but when I do that, the dns servers at Qwest start reporting the wrong address for our name servers.

The name servers are at
and at

but, after I hand added ns records for the non-slaving domain on the box, all of a sudden ns1’s address is reported as by nslookup.

This is the same problem that happened yesterday. It fixed itself when I removed the errant entry you pointed out… today the problem got “fixed” when I removed all of my dns records from the problem domain on the secondary name server - the ones I had added.

Today I created a domain “” on ns1 using as the ip address for everything. It slaved on ns2 ( okay and the records are setup the same on both servers… but nslookup reports the ip of as… the ip address of the secondary name server and NOT the ip of the box it’s on!

Any idea what is going on???

Thanks for your insight,

Does this kind of error even make sense?

It happened about the same time yesterday that quest starting reportin as the addy for NS1 and NS2, even though NS1’s address is

When this name server ip screwup happens, all the sites start going to the default website on ns2… the one at /var/www/html…

It SEEMS to only happen when the URL is and not with

Could it be a reverse pointer problem??? I’m so lost.

Sigh… it’s very frustrating because I’m not sure what it could even be caused by.

Thanks again,